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Here are 4 essential steps, as well as 4 important global leadership skills to help young people become global leaders.

Prof. Andrew Likierman - Principal of London Business School said that important skills that have been hone in the 20-30 year old period have greatly helped him in his later career.

 With many years of experience as a leader at Bank of England, Barclays Bank, London Business School ... Prof. Andrew Likierman gives advice on 4 essential steps, which are also important global leadership skills to help young people become global leaders.

4 important global leadership skills

Experience as many cultures as possible is one of important global leadership skills / ph: pexels

1. Global leadership skills: Choose things that provide flexibility

“First, make sure the things you choose offer flexibility.  When I was in college, in addition to guaranteeing my completion at school, I soon determined that I would get another degree in accounting.

 For the time being I would recommend getting an MBA but in the early 70s in Europe, accounting was a great option because it gives you some flexibility.  Through learning, you can open up to many options for yourself.  Today, the fact that people with MBA degrees do a lot of different things is a testament to that.

2. Global leadership skills: Be aware that things are not always going well

 “The second step is to realize that things don\'t always go well.  At the beginning of my career, I was "confronted" an economic crisis stemming from oil problem.  That\'s when I learned the lesson: whatever goes up can go down.  At that time, my savings were also affected, and I was really shocked.  But this is a valuable lesson.  Everyone should experience a financial crisis, as soon as possible, and we will have a useful lesson about the law of development.

3. Global leadership skills: Experience as many cultures as possible

 “The third step is to take advantage of the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures.  This will make it easier for you to work in many regions and countries around the world, while at the same time getting more open minded.

 When I was young, I used to run a textile factory in Germany, and it was a wonderful experience.  Thanks to that, I learned how people from different cultures think differently, and dealing with people around me is more than just a process of copying our behavioral habits".

4. Global leadership skills: Understand the importance of communicate ability

 “The final step is to understand the power of communication.  You may have ideas, but there is nothing you can do without communicating them.  When I first started out as an accountant, I met many people who were better than me, but they were unable to advance further in their careers simply because of their inability to communicate well.  This skill is especially useful when you have to deal with important clients ”.

Applying the above 4 global leadership skills to soon become global leaders. Good luck!


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