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In a developing and volatile society, the bond between leaders and employees needs to be stronger to overcome all storms.  At that time, the leader needs to inspire and touch employees\' emotions to really connect with them.

However, few leaders know the following 4 secrets of inspirational leaders to be able to touch the hearts of their subordinates.

4 Secrets of inspirational leaders

Inspirational leaders rely on intuition to know what and when to do / ph: pexels

1. Inspirational Leaders demonstrate selectively weaknesses 

Leader is human, not divine.  It is impossible to try to perfectly present oneself in the eyes of subordinates.

 When the leader stands a top, thousands of eyes will always observe his every move, from personal life to office.  Always trying to live after a perfect cover will create a great pressure, if that pressure is too big, it can destroy the leader himself.

Therefore, to be able to develop their capabilities best, leader must be himself, be a person, have both good and bad traits.

 If the leader is too perfect, the employees will stay away and have no motivation to grow.  An ordinary and sociable leader easily connects with his employees.  Employees also have an example to follow and develop themselves.

But inspirational leaders who are too perfect will alienate the staffs with thoughts that they can never be as perfect as their leaders, so there is no need to try.

 Moreover, with hard works, the staff will push, wait for the leader to solve because he is talent enough to solve all problems, if they handle it imperfectly, they will be scolded.

 This mentality will make the organization unable to operate automatically when the leader is not available.

 However, that does not mean that the inspirational leaders should show all his weaknesses, but must choose the weaknesses "innocuous" that do not affect the work.

 A leader is a bit "afraid of his wife", "can drink 3 cans of beer," is sometimes a lovely feature in the eyes of the staffs.

 If a leader shows his weaknesses of being hot-tempered, biased, and lacks vision, it would be catastrophic.

 So, choosing the right weaknesses to show off should also be carefully considered.  "If you do not show your weaknesses selectively, someone will put it up, make up your weaknesses and you cannot control right after.

2. Inspirational Leaders rely on intuition to know what and when to do

The second is to rely on intuition to know what to do and when to do.

 A good inspirational leaders needs a sharp sense to detect problems from "soft" data. Detecting problems from vague evidence, seemingly useless information. 

However, too much reliance on one\'s own feelings will make the leader become authoritarian and stayed away from the staffs.  So intuition have to go hand in hand with reality check to avoid bias.

 Intuition should be assessed and re-checked by trusted advisors and core members.

3. Inspirational Leaders have rigid empathy 

Give employees what they need, don\'t give employees what they want.

Inspirational leaders inevitably needs to care and take care of his team, but it will be a disaster if the leader always tries to satisfy the individual needs of each member in the organization.

 Marine Corps applies the philosophy of "grow or go" right from the beginning of its membership.

 Each member is pushed to the limit, becoming the best version of themselves.  The organization will not retain non-progressive people, with no guarantee of your position in the organization, but if it exists within the organization, the company guarantees you will grow.

This is evident in the sales teams.  An incompetent sales team leader will set goals at a safe level, all members can achieve or the goal is too high, impossible to complete.

 Only an excellent inspirational leaders, who understands the employees\' abilities and emotions, always finds a challenging and difficult goal but within the team\'s ability to accomplish.

 Of course, working with people is always difficult and requires a certain amount of rigidity.

4. Inspirational Leaders dare to be different 

This is perhaps the most important quality of the leader.

Inspirational leaders need to know how to keep social distance.  While always attracting and engaging followers around you, inspirational leaders must show a difference.  Inspirational leaders need to show this clearly both internally and externally.

About inner thinking, all are revealed through communication and media.

If the leaders can only read blankly the speechs that are prepared, there will be no difference or emotion, when they are just a radio, chew other people\'s words, there is no a little personal touch in it.

 A moderate distance will keep the majesty of the leader and create a distance for the followers to always try to develop, become closer to the leader.

 The only problem is that the outrageous difference will be seen as eccentricity.  Keeping too far away will make the leader insensitive to surrounding issues and difficult to show concern for the team.

To become a good inspirational leaders, it takes both "quality" and "quantity".  Possessing all the qualities with enough quality to create a talented leader.  A lack or redundancy in either quality or quality can create a distorted image of a leader and degrading efficiency.


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