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How To Influence and Conquer People’s Hearts?

Influencing others is a fundamental skill that we all must master.

Leadership skills and influencing people are more than simply delegating tasks in a business environment.  It shapes communities and families and can inspire people to reach new heights.  When Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in the 1992 presidential election, they managed to become friends despite the political controversy between the two parties.

His son, George W. Bush, said: “I think his performance is beyond the bounds of a political race.  In other words, the key lies in the personality of each person, and both of them, in my opinion, possess strong personalities and thus formed a friendship between them ”.  Building strong relationships is not an overnight thing, but it takes time to develop.

It is the result of practicing and mastering the art of listening and respecting people and their views even when you disagree.  And the ultimate goal of influencing people is to serve your work better, not how many people can become your puppets.  “The way you treat others reflects your worth;  So, make sure you treat people with the respect and care they deserve ”, says author Dave Ramsey.  If you want to influence others and win over everyone in your personal and professional life, consider the following points.

1. Doing an excellent job

Stop doing half-life things in your life.  Author and influencer John Maxwell said that in order to have a reputation for excellence you need to show results.  This means that a good spouse is a trusted and ethical business friend.  People who aim for excellence always want to improve.

“They guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today.  Great leaders are those who aspire to learn.  Because they are constantly developing, they always have new knowledge to impart to their teammates ".  Being stand out in all areas of your life and start by making a commitment to making a difference.

2. Be honest

You cannot share everything but if you want people to believe you need to demonstrate honesty.  Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy found that people often answer a few questions themselves when they first meet you.  The first is "Can they trust you?"  and second, "Can they respect you?".

How to influence and conquer people\'s hearts?

You need to demonstrate honesty./ ph: pexels

Amy says that if you're trying to convince someone who doesn't trust or respect you, it's argument.  “You may even be suspicious because you unknowingly seem to be trying to manipulate them.  A warm, trustworthy and strong person will arouse admiration, but only after you have built confidence that your strength becomes a gift, not a threat.

Why do we lie?  Most of us want people to think well of us and often ignore telling the truth because it may not be interesting.  Lying is not the proper response to an uncomfortable situation.

3. Connect more with others

One thing is for sure, politicians can actually connect with people and whatever the real purpose is, it works.  Most leaders today focus on improving their power, title, and power in the workplace, according to a Business Journal.  However, this is not the right mindset.

Ordinary goers in this direction are often unpopular, like most political leaders.  "In a study of 51,836 leaders, only 27 of them were rated in the bottom 25% for popularity and the top 25% for overall leadership effectiveness."  The point worth mentioning here is that only 1 outstanding leader was found out of 2,000 people.  Bill Clinton said that his uncle taught him how to make relation to people and this made him more sincere.

For him, listening to their personal stories allowed him to make a special connection.  "People can promote their inherent interesting things if they can get rid of their own thoughts, so I have been taught to listen and observe." He shares at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. "I always thought that I would have a better life if I could give others a better life."

4. Show empathy

You won\'t be able to connect with people without empathy.  Many researchers believe empathy is the foundation of all relationships.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines empathy as the feeling in which you understand and share other people\'s experiences and feelings: the ability to share others\' feelings.

Lack of concern by a business leader or breadwinner can lead to misunderstanding and resentment that everyone wants to be heard.  Through just one conversation, you can see if the other person is attentive and sympathetic.  For example, they don\'t use eye contact or staring at a computer screen while nodding in agreement or disagreement.

However, there are different types of empathy.  Daniel Goleman is an emotional intelligence researcher and found that senior managers are at high risk of lacking compassion.  "When your position is higher, the fewer people are straightforward to you, willing to tell you about how you treat others."

5. Giving praise

Dale Carnegie\'s "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is an influential book on the art of connection and how to be successful in life.  Published in 1937, the author emphasizes always focusing on the things in common you have and gives sincere praise.  Dale Carnegie writes: “Possibility fades under criticism;  and bloom under encouragement ”.  Make sure you show gratitude towards those who are really nice to you.

Furthermore, encouragement can be about pointing out a negative, as well as potential.  Words have the power to motivate or overwhelm.  If we use our words more cautiously, we will give the strength to fuel someone to reach the finish line.  People are not leaving a company, but rather bad bosses.  We need to honor the people in our daily lives and show them how appreciated for their contributions.

Influencing and conquering people's hearts does not come naturally in our social media culture.  You really need to practice and invest your time in developing relationships.  We have different ideas, but the human element never changes because people will respond if you can relate to them.  This is not about manipulation;  It is finding common ground, same passions or beliefs.  Understanding and respecting a person's worth will make you trustworthy and a worthy personality to know.

How To Influence and Conquer People’s Hearts?

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