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How to Start Homestay Business?

If you are wondering How to start homestay business?  What ned to prepare when doing Homestay Business? Then keep reading to have information.

1- Capital

There is no specific figure on starting business capital depending on the different business purposes of each person.  Besides, homestay investors may have to spend money to compensate for losses in the early period when operating the homestay - A period when many costs arise while the homestay cannot have many guests.

2- Market research

To survive and do business successfully, thorough market research is an indispensable step. Specifically, be smart and wise when "zoning" the target customers you want to target by answering the following questions:
Who are they?  How old are your potential guests?  What are their preferences?… Only then can you decide on the location and design of the homestay so that first time guests will have many later visits.

3- Location

Prime location is arguably one of the most important factors in the accommodation business.  Where your homestay is located needs to be convenient for moving which will be a big plus, because most tourists tend to visit many places without taking too much time.

How to start Homestay Business?

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For homestays in localities popular about tourism, choosing the location of the homestay close to famous tourist attractions will help attract more guests. 

4- Rent for Homestay Businesses space 

In case you already have the premises for the homestay operation, you will save a relative amount of money at the start, and also quickly recover your capital faster.  However, you can still rent if there is no homestay business space available.  

How to start Homestay Business?

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5- Completing the Homestay Business Licensing Procedure

Similar to other forms of accommodation business, homestay business is not an exception when it requires a full registration license to be able to officially go into operation.  

6- Recruiting Manager and Staffs for Homestay

For the homestay to operate effectively, a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff is a must for your homestay.  If you do not have a lot of time and experience to manage a homestay, let’s hire a qualified and experienced manager for your homestay.

How to Start Homestay Business?

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