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Any investment has risk.  However, when you invest in yourself first, it's different.

Many people are only interested in investing in real estate and stocks but forget that they are the most profitable investments themselves.  No one can take away the elements inside you such as knowledge, skills, health.  Therefore, you never lose.

By devoting resources to upgrading yourself, you are increasing your self-worth and making it easier to find many good opportunities in life.

I- The best investment is in yourself

In a changing world and a society develops every hour, every minute, all job positions are completely changeable. The fact that once hot professions such as accounting and finance-banking are gradually replaced by technology is an example.

Therefore, instead of chasing after an attractive title, each person should turn himself into an attractive candidate in the eyes of the employer.

This means that in addition to competence, you need to have market knowledge, flexibility to solve complex problems and manage your work so that performance is constantly improving.

When you know how to adapt and improve every day, you will not be left behind by technological revolutions and always stay young and creative in your perspective.

II- How to invest in yourself? 

1- Invest in books

All leaders are readers.

In addition to providing knowledge, reading is also a skill exercise to help you practice thinking, reflecting and applying what you learn to your personal life.

2- Learn from your experiences 

With the events you go through, think about what you can learn to not make the same old mistakes or deal with them better.

3- Learn from online sources

Online information search channels, online learning websites, and video sharing are all places where you can find useful tips and experiences.

Instead of spending hours surfing social media, you can choose 1-2 courses to earn certifications to support the job, keep up to date with trends and improve soft skills.

 5 smart ways to invest in yourself 5 smart ways to invest in yourself / ph: pexels 

Learning more foreign languages ​​or equipping financial knowledge is also a good idea.  However, with a dense amount of information, you should pay attention to choosing reliable sources and discipline yourself when studying on your own.

4- Build relationships

Every person you meet has at least one strength that you can learn or apply to yourself.  Therefore, do not hesitate to open your heart and be ready to listen to others share.

Even if you are already an expert in your field, learning from those around you will help you review and refresh your understanding.

5- Use smartly your personal budget

The spending budget can be divided into 5 main parts including: fixed, living, entertaining, communicating, and saving.

Connecting and maintaining the above relationships belongs to the group of communication budgets.  10 coffee sessions alone may not make a difference, but 1-2 lunches a week with quality friends can help you expand your network, create your personal brand and get a lot of help in work and life.

Importantly, you can invest in your health, which means you spend time, effort, and money playing sports, eating a healthy diet and getting regular checkups.  Good health will ensure you study and work efficiently.

Most money allocation methods have a personal development budget amount whether you choose the 6 jars method: 50/20/30, Kakeibo or the division method as above.

If you're young, you have plenty of time to become a better version of yourself.  Use it to quickly achieve big goals in the future.


When the market plunges, while many investors may wonder what to do in such volatile markets, Warren Buffett says the answer is simple: Try not to worry too much about it.

According to Warren Buffett, investors who buy good companies’ stocks over time will see results in 10, 20, and 30 years from now.  “If they try to buy and sell stocks continuously, they will hardly get good results.” “Money is made from investing in owning good companies over the long term.  That's what everyone should do."

What should investors do in today's market?What should investors do in today's market? / ph: pexels 

Many experts including Buffett recommend buying index funds which are automatically diversified and hold every stock in an index.  For example, the S&P 500 includes major US companies like Apple and Amazon.

Like Buffett, late investor Jack Bogle also recommends a buy-and-hold strategy.  In the past, he said, buying stocks and holding is the best way to invest because “emotions will defeat you completely” if you try to sell stocks to avoid losses and return to the market later.

Bogle gave advice in 2018: “Keep going.  Don't let changes in the market, even big changes like the financial crisis, change your mind.  And never jump in and out of the market continuously.  Stay in the market to a certain extent.”

According to financial experts, for most investors, trying to react to market trends can be counterproductive.  You are better off watching the ups and downs of the market.

Sean M. Pearson, financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial, says that investors selling out when the market is down can alter their long-term investing plans.

“The long-term trend of the market is up, not down.  If you wait until the news looks a little brighter then the market has already recovered.  And if you miss the market rally, then it is very likely that you will have a hard time achieving your financial goals.”


The real estate has always been a very profitable investment field.  That's why there are many people who become rich through real estate investment and business.  However, not everyone knows how to invest in real estate effectively to make a lot of money and how to choose real estate products to invest in.

Below are 5 smart ways to invest in real estate which will help you avoid unnecessary risks.

1- Determine the type of real estate to invest in

In order to be profitable in real estate investing, you must first decide what type of property you will invest in.  It depends on many different factors but the most important factor is your financial ability.  According to the experience of experts and real estate brokers, you should invest in the following types of real estate.

5 smart ways to invest in real estateWhat are smart ways to invest in real estate / ph: pexels 

- You should buy real estate in places where there are a lot of rich people.  Because these places often have a fresh climate, has beautiful scenery and has the best facilities.

- You should buy real estate in places with prime locations.  There are convenient transportation and high quality service.

- You should buy houses that match the tastes of the community, especially houses for sale or rent.

- You should buy mid-range houses for single households to rent.

2- Find real estate expert’s advisors

Asking to the help of consultants is one of the most effective ways to invest in real estate today.  Because they will give the best advice, help you avoid unnecessary risks and troubles.  Only then will the process of your real estate buying and selling go smoothly. Ideally, you should seek out experts who are good at the following areas:

- You should meet with professional real estate consultants.  Because real estate consultants are friendly and knowledgeable people who stay informed about real estate as well as finance and investment.  They will help you find the right house for your needs and budget.

- You should have a long-term partnership with talented real estate agents.  Because real estate agents are people with extensive knowledge of the real estate market.  Ability to negotiate prices with customers.  Therefore, they will help you sell the real estate products that you already own at a higher price.

3- Get advice from experts

You should consult with lawyers and legal consultants when investing in real estate.  Because lawyers and legal counsel are people who know the law.  So they will help you keep track of real estate sales documents.

You should ask for the support of architects or people who have worked in the construction field for a long time.  They will help you inspect the house to see if there are any defects.  Besides, they will also advise you on how to repair and upgrade the house to increase its value.

4- Calculating financial ability is an effective way to invest in real estate

If you want to jump into the business and investing in buying and selling real estate.  You must have a sizable cash amount. and have to spend a lot of time to consider.  Calculating your financial ability before deciding to invest in a certain project.

In case you do not have enough money to invest, you have to borrow from a bank then considering the interest you pay is a must, the term that the bank lends as well as your ability to pay back.  Because if you do not pay attention and make the payment on the wrong date then the amount of interest that you have to pay will increase a lot.

If you want more peace of mind when investing in long-term real estate, you can invite friends and family members to buy real estate projects together.  However, with this method, the return you will get will be lower than when investing alone.

5- Always looking for investing opportunities to get high profits

As you know, the real estate market is constantly fluctuating, following certain cycles.  Therefore, you must find the right strategies for each stage in order to invest successfully. You have to be patient and wait for suitable investing opportunity to get high profits.

Additionally, you also have to consider and calculate potential development of the projects that you are planning to invest in. Furthermore, you should also remember that every type of property has a best time to sell therefore you must know how to seize the opportunity to increase the value of your property.

Above are 5 best effective ways to invest in real estate.  Using these tips flexibly to be successful in real estate investing.


Last December, Sotheby's Hong Kong announced the launch of its first online auction of Pu'er tea with more than 20 lots including both ancient and modern teas.  The highest selling price of 71,600 USD belonged to the 1950 Blue Label tea cake weighing about 330g.  The item is appreciated not only for its age but also because it is a rare tea batch made during tea production in China.

Investment fever of luxury tea Pu'er is increasing in China

Investment fever of luxury tea Pu'er is increasing in China / ph: Sotheby's

One of the oldest forms of tea, Pu'er is a fermented black tea traditionally produced in Yunnan province.  The soothing tea type is known for its digestive soothing effects and health benefits, and was a popular drink during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912).  To make it easier to transport to the West, tea leaves were packed into cakes and then shipping for months.

Ancient Pu'er tea cakes, a new commodity that has risen to luxury ranking amid the Chinese environment as well as the speculative market is getting worse. It is said that Pu'er tea cakes in the 1950s increased in price more than tenfold during this period.

Of the 20,000 tea types globally with seven varieties, Pu'er tea stands out for its prevalence and methodical classification system throughout its hundreds of years of history.  Pu'er tea cakes when produced are required to be preserved meticulously in darkness and perfect humidity. Proper storage is more important than origin when it comes to aged tea.

Investment fever of luxury tea Pu'er is increasing in China

Ancient Pu'er tea cakes, a new commodity that has risen to luxury ranking / ph: Sotheby's

Pu'er tea’s appraisers face challenges.  Although there are variations between tea manufacturers, tea cakes are often packaged with coding that describes information such as recipe, tea type, and grade.  However, to keep the tea package intact, for optimal value, the appraiser can only rely on the smell and the outer coating. Additionally, the appraiser will base on the ink color on the label or some other signs.

To enter the Pu'er tea market, investors are encouraged to start from 10 to 15 year old tea cakes and let them grow old instead of betting on large or expensive especially when the preservation of the tea is not simple.

New investors should start with taste preferences especially in the Chinese market. The quality of tea depends on the origin, preservation, brewer, understanding of tea and water source.


Grant Sabatier - One of the top self-made millionaires with the biggest success story in the FIRE movement (which stands for “financial independence, early retirement” ) has amassed enough money to live comfortably on the income from his investments.

In his book "Financial Freedom" as well as in his Financial Freedom Course, an online curriculum for personal finance, Sabatier offers a roadmap to  money safety which includes 7 levels of financial freedom, from "Clarity" to "Abundant Wealth".

And according to recent research by MagnifyMoney, half of all American workers say that their income is barely enough to live on - just at level 2 "Self-sufficient".

According to Sabatier, to be able to pass the levels, you have to change your financial habits and your overall thinking about money.

1- Level 1: Clarity 

Clarity is an examination of your financial situation - how much money you have, how much you owe and what your financial goals are.

“You can't get where you want to be if you don't know where to start” says Sabatier.

2- Level 2: Self-Sufficiency

Next, you'll want to "stand on your own two feet" financially.  This means that you earn enough to cover your own expenses without any outside help such as support from your parents.

At this level, Sabatier notes that you can either live on your earnings or take out a loan to cover your living expenses.

3- Level 3: Breathing room

At Level 3, you will have some money left over after spending on living expenses which you can use to achieve financial goals such as building an emergency fund and investing for retirement.

 Self-made millionaire reveals 7 levels of financial freedom

Self-made millionaire reveals 7 levels of financial freedom / ph: pexels 

Overpassing the level 2 means that you are free to spend as you want.  According to Sabatier, this means you don't have to have a really high salary.  In fact, 31% of Americans have jobs that pay over $100,000, according to MagnifyMoney.

“Just because you're making a lot of money doesn't mean you're actually saving it” says Sabatier.  Most Americans are living on loans.”

4- Level 4: Stability

Those who reach level 4 have paid off high-interest debt, such as credit card debt, and have an emergency fund that is sufficient to cover their living expenses for six months.  Accumulating emergency savings helps ensure your finances won't be affected by unexpected circumstances.

According to Sabatier: “At this level, you don’t have to worry if you lose your job or have to move to another city.”

Financial experts say that when calculating how much you need to save, instead of calculating your daily expenses, you should think about how your financial picture will look when you are in a difficult situation.

5- Level 5: Flexibility

At Level 5, you have saved at least two years on living expenses.  With those savings, Sabatier suggests that you can think about how long you can afford to live without doing anything, you can take a year off work if you want.

With your savings and investment accounts, as long as you can somehow get that money out when you need it, and that way you can be flexible about working, at least temporarily, without having to work.

6- Level 6: Financial Independence

According to Sabatier definitions, people who have achieved financial independence can live entirely on the income generated from their investments.

According to Sabatier, people at this level have one of two things: a large amount of money in a profitable portfolio or rental properties.  Income coming from rentals or both can help them cover living expenses.

To get here, you will have to spend a large amount of your income to invest.  This can cause you to live more frugally to keep your living expenses down.

According to Sabatier, pursuing this lifestyle requires a change in mindset to break away from traditional stereotypes about personal finance.

It is recommended to save 5%, 10%, 15% of income to retire at 65.  Thankfully, many young people are starting to understand that if they actively save and invest, they can work less and have more control over their future and destiny.

7- Level 7: Abundant Wealth

Financially independent people live on the income that comes from their portfolios by relying on the “4% rule” – a retirement rule that says investors can safely withdraw 4%.  Investing under this rule means that the invested money amount is adjusted for inflation.  This type of investment is relatively secure, allowing money to grow and not run out.

Although economists debate whether 4% is the optimal number (some more conservative observers say that the appropriate number may be closer to 3.3%), but the calculations behind show that this is the basis of establishing the "number" to achieve FIRE - how much money you need to retire and the annual income needed to live comfortably.

While at level 6 people need to monitor changes in their portfolio to make sure retirement goes on as planned, at level 7 people don't have to worry as much.  “Level 7 is wealth – having more money than you need.  You don't have to worry about money - says Sabatier.

This is also the level that Sabatier owns and is also the level he wants to take people to if they are willing to change their mindset about money.


Basically, there are two directions that beginning investors can think of when they want to put their money in the stock market. The first is direct investment which means you buy stocks, bonds, or ETFs yourself. The second is indirect (passive) / portfolio investment - investors buy fund certificates as a way of entrusting to experts.  The fund management company will make your money profitable or distribute it through channels such as insurance, Fintech, banking,... Direct investment vs portfolio investment: What should you choose? 

Each way the characteristics are different;  and you can fully experience both to diversify your portfolio.

If you don't know how to get started, here are some factors you can consider.

The weighing of time, knowledge, finance, risk level and investment needs will help you make the right investing decision.

1- Direct investment 

It takes a lot of time and knowledge for direct investment. Since self-investing means you do your own research and take responsibility for every trade, you definitely need to spend a lot of time learning before and after getting into the stock market.

At least in order to choose good stocks and know when to buy/sell, you should know all kinds of financial statements, and closely monitor the market's movements, securities issuer’s business activities.

 Direct investment vs portfolio investment: What should you choose?   

Direct investment vs portfolio investment: What should you choose? / ph: pexels 

Busy Investors who do not have time to manage the entire portfolio daily, hourly may need support from another partner s. F0 Investors completely lack financial knowledge as well.

Some products in new industries are also relatively difficult to access to individual investors.  In those cases, the transfer of money to the fund is somewhat more efficient.

2- Portfolio investment 

Investing in funds if the capital amount spent is small. 

With investment funds, you are allowed to buy fund certificates and own a part of any portfolio with dozens of stocks and bonds available;  while if you buy the same quantity directly, you may have to buy each lot and not have enough capital.

Normally, the amount of capital to start investing in portfolio is quite small.  However, this does not mean that you will save more money than with active investments.

Let the fund experts do the calculations for you, of course you have to pay them for certain fees.

Those fees are a factor that should be carefully considered, because they will affect more or less the rate of return you want.

3- Compare the risk level between direct investment and portfolio investment 

Risk is always present when investing, no matter how developing a particular company or industry.

Therefore, "don't put all your eggs in one basket" or diversification is necessary to reduce risk.

Many self-investors tend to seek big profits from a few volatile stocks.  Meanwhile, most reputable funds allocate money in a diversified manner.  When the market is contrariwise, appreciate and depreciate assets can offset each other, making the whole portfolio less affected.

Additionally, psychology plays an equally important role in investing channel selection.  For people who are psychologically unstable and easily make unclarity decisions when the market changes, an experience expert can help them feel more secure.

Advantages of direct investment: 

- High liquidity

- Investors are completely proactive with the company they choose

Disadvantages of portfolio investment: 

- Large capital may be required to create a portfolio

- High level of risk when the market is volatile

- Investors must take time to learn, analyze and limit emotions

- Transaction fees and some other fees

Advantages of portfolio investment:

- Diversify your investment portfolio

- Have the support of a fund manager

- Investors don't take much time to monitor

- Suitable for long-term investment

Disadvantages of portfolio investment:

- A lot of complicated information

- Poor liquidity depending on investment strategy

- Management fee and some other fees

One thing you should keep in mind is that passive investing does not go hand in hand with allocating your investments to funds.  In fact, you also have to know how to choose the right portfolio for you depending on your age, capital, long-term or short-term strategy,... and a basic understanding of the expert's annual investment plan.

You can choose to invest one or both methods as you like.  Importantly, they help you grow your investments in line with your future financial goals.


Any success needs to go hand in hand with discipline.  And forcing yourself into the framework sometimes means that you have to trade off a lot of shopping moments, then save a part of your income to conquer bigger goals.

The secret to finding joy in the process of saving is to change your mindset and practice careful money habits.  The feeling of power and happiness in spending is real, but it soon passes once you finish paying for one item and start looking at another.

If you feel that saving is somewhat difficult, you are most likely using an inappropriate method or an unreasonable allocation ratio. 

You will need to observe and adjust for a while to find the way that works best for you.

The percentage number can also change from time to time and with different income, as long as you don't forget to force yourself to automatically deduct money.  Instead of seeing savings as a pressure, think of it as a form of "paying yourself" to make your dreams of a new home, new car, comfortable retirement,... soon come true.

A shopping need is something that can be met at the end of the year when super promotions happen so that you reward yourself for your hard work and steady accumulation.

Below are 5 smartest ways to save money you can refer to to make budget management less stressful.


1- Saving automation

Automation is both a way to proactively stay disciplined and prevent you from accidentally forgetting this important  money amount. 

5 smartest ways to save money5 smartest ways to save money / ph: pexels 

Every time your salary is transferred to the account, quickly cut a portion of your pay off and transfer it to an auto-renewing passbook or low-risk investment account.

2- Limit increase in costs when increasing income

If your income improves, you can prioritize increasing your savings rate and deposit the excess directly into your savings account.

Many people tend to increase costs when they have a high income. However, if you think about the future, you should try to control your wallet and limit your emotions.

When you reach a certain goal, you are free to buy your favorite brand bag or new mobile phone.  The gift will create motivation and joy for you to continue your saving journey.

3- Use one credit card

The advice that is repeated over and over in personal financial management is still to never go into credit card debt.

Using only one credit card makes it easier to manage, accumulate points and pay off your debt on time. Additionally, when your credit history is good, you will have advantages such as 0% interest installments.

4- Take advantage of sale seasons

Promotion time is when brands race to reduce prices.  This is your ideal opportunity to serve essential needs.

Be careful not to spend too much on things you like but don't need.  Many people make this mistake when hunting for sales, since then the budget is in deficit and find saving becomes a great pressure.

5- Schedule your own shopping

You can set yourself a specific limit, like buying clothes only 3 times a year.  After the specified number of times has expired, you are not allowed to buy more.

Another way that is also popular is to set a clear budget for shopping, stop when the funds are used up.  With direct purchases, many people choose to leave their credit cards at home so as not to overdo it.

Besides, always check if you have saved at least 20%/month or not.  If not, perhaps luxurious shoppings can wait until sale seasons.


Financial leverage in investment simply understood as borrowing money from others to make profitable investments.  This form is quite popular in the field of real estate investment, when investors need a large amount of capital to participate in this market.

Not only in investment, but in finance in general, financial leverage is a very effective tool to take advantage of loan capital. Should young investors use leverage?

Debt instruments or financial leverage help us to solve the shortfall of capital.  And of course, investors will bear a loan interest when paying.


1- Should young investors use leverage?

Financial leverage is the use of other people's money or borrowed money to invest.  And when using this money, you also have to pay a loan interest.  If you do not calculate carefully, you will lose the borrowed money.

Should young investors use leverage?Should young investors use leverage? / ph: pexels 

In the opposite case, if you have mastered the use of financial leverage and are also familiar with the market and individual investment products, you can use it to invest.  But it must also be noted, leverage is a "double-edged sword", so you need to think carefully about your debt repayment ability and risk appetite before making a decision.

2- How to use financial leverage to invest properly?

There are 4 basic steps of personal finance: earn - spend - save - invest.  You need to solve the first 2 steps: how to earn and how to spend to get a steady monthly accumulation.  Or you can deduct a percentage from your earnings to have a small prime capital for investment.

At this small investment stage, you should keep the mentality of both investing and learning, losses can be considered as tuition fees.

Once you have an investment mindset and habit, you have come to the last step, which is also the most important step in personal finance and investing. At this point you will have passive income.

No investor is without debt or financial leverage.  In the early stages, young people who do not have much experience in investing or using financial leverage can use low leverage, the ratio of equity is higher than debt.

You should consider to invest on low-risk (meaning less profit) and less volatile channels, or channels with high liquidity, easy trading with small initial investment.

But also be very careful because when using debt, the psychology of "indebtedness" will also more or less affect psychology when making investment decisions.

Investing with your own money, you will be more confident and not have a lot of pressure to repay, plus the pressure of creating business profitable like when you borrow money to do business.  When borrowing money, investor psychology is often unstable, does not invest strongly and misses many good investment opportunities.

Besides, you need to build a clear repayment plan for both interest and principal.  In investing, you should not think about the short term, such as speculating, but you should have an investment plan and allocate it to investment channels that you understand well.


From an investment and financial management perspective, the billionaire Warren Buffett has a way of making money worth learning.

Buffett's secret is patience and staying calm.  He also pointed out 5 important secrets on his path to build a career and becoming rich.

1- We do not need to be smarter than others, but we must be more self-control than others

For money to make money, high intelligence is not enough.  The most important thing is to learn how to control your emotions and stay calm.  Stable mood helps you make rational investment decisions, not out of greed or fear.  Any action of buying and selling from irrational motives can drag you down.

2- Stand on the shoulders of giants is always an indisputable truth

Newton once said, he learned to stand on the shoulders of giants to have success.  The experience and wisdom of the forerunner is a good foundation for the latter to achieve success faster, more efficiently and avoid detours.  For Warren Buffett, a book enthusiast and eager to learn, standing on the shoulders of giants is always an indisputable truth.

Warren Buffett’s 5 investing secrets of the wealthyWarren Buffett’s 5 investing secrets of the wealthy / ph: pexels 

In investing, this billionaire always considers Benjamin Graham (who is known as the "Godfather of Wall Street") and Philip Arthur Fisher (the world's investment master) as his mentors.  He learned from them investment secrets, then put them into practice.  It is the attitude of constant learning that has helped the billionaire invest successfully.

3- Carefully study past failures and learn from them mindfully 

Throughout his life, Warren Buffett has constantly thinking about failure and learned from experience.  The billionaire has carefully analyzed dozens of failed portfolios and constantly wondered what led to that situation.  This is not an easy process, but it is useful.  His successful investing rate is increasing day by day.

4- Give up temptations so you don't derail your decision

Warren Buffet is said to be never influenced or tempted by the outside world. All he did was read and pondering. 

For an adult, discipline and perseverance are essential. Especially when facing with temptation, although many people tell themselves to overpass, in reality, few people do this.

5- In a marathon, if you want to become a champion, you must run enough routes to reach the finish line

Once Buffett picks a stock, he buys it in bulk and then holds it for a long time.  Buffett rarely engages in short-term transactions. He also repeatedly warned that in order to invest successfully, keeping calm and patient is a must.


Metaverse real estate and stocks are just some of the ways that tech enthusiasts can invest in the current digital world. Here are How to invest in Metaverse.


1- How to invest in Metaverse with stock?

The least volatile option for retail investors looking to invest in metaverse is to invest in publicly traded companies that have a business model or profitability tied to the metaverse.  The list might includes: 

Boeing (NYSE: BA)

Boeing is using the metaverse to expand and improve manufacturing capabilities.  Boeing is said to plan to create an exclusive digital environment where its human employees, computers and robots can communicate and collaborate seamlessly all over the world.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) 

Microsoft is finding its super needed niche in the professional world.  The company plans to release Mesh for Microsoft Teams in 2022. The add-on for the popular video conferencing platform will allow individuals to create personalized avatars and collaborate in three-dimensional 3D environments beyond  across geographical boundaries.  A key feature of Microsoft Mesh will be Holoportation, a tool that allows users to access the previously mentioned digital environment using a VR headset.  Users appear as a digital representation of themselves with the ability to interact with team members as if they were in person.

2- How to invest in Metaverse with Metaverse real estate?

While the metaverse is still in its early stage, platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland have already begun selling Metaverse real estate in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital tokens on the blockchain network that can  represents a variety of unique items.  When an individual purchases a super large piece of Metaverse real estate, the blockchain network that powers the metaverse platform verifies the sale and transfers ownership.

How to invest in Metaverse?How to invest in Metaverse? / ph: Decentraland

Once the Metaverse real estate is purchased, the owner of the NFT mega-property can rent, sell or build on his Metaverse real estate.  Japanese video game maker Atari recently purchased 20 plots of Metaverse real estate in Decentraland and created its own crypto casino.  Using its own native ERC20-based Atari token, gamblers can bet and receive their winnings in tax-free crypto.  Atari has also announced plans to launch its own virtual hotel complex by 2022.

3- How to buy Metaverse real estate and other digital items?

Several mega-platforms have created marketplaces where users can buy and sell Metaverse real estate and other collectibles as NFTs.  Here's how to do it.

- The user who wants to buy super Metaverse real estate needs to determine on which platform he wants to buy Metaverse real estate.  Popular options are Decentraland and Sandbox. Do your own research before buying any Metaverse real estate.

- Users need to create a digital crypto wallet, a type of computer software that connects to the blockchain network and stores the cryptocurrency and is compatible with the associated blockchain that powers the metaverse platform.

From there, the buyer needs to access the chosen metaverse platform marketplace and connect his digital wallet to it.  Marketplaces can often be found on metaverse platform websites.

At this stage, buying Metaverse real estate looks a lot like buying real estate in the physical world.  The buyer needs to consider the price, location and future value of the Metaverse real estate he is considering buying.

Once the buyer has identified a Metaverse real estate that he wants, he needs to acquire the tokens or coins to buy it and store them on his digital wallet.  The type of token or coin that will be needed to make a transaction varies by metaverse platform.  For example, to buy Metaverse real estate in Decentraland, users will need to purchase MANA tokens.  If he wants to buy Metaverse real estate in The Sandbox, he will need to obtain a SAND card.

If the buyer has connected his digital wallet to the metastasis market and financed it, all he needs to do is place a bid on the Metaverse real estate or buy the Metaverse real estate outright.  The cost of Metaverse real estate will be removed from the digital wallet and the NFT representing the Metaverse real estate will be transferred to the user's wallet.

The same process applies to the purchase of other super large NFT items such as avatar clothing and accessories.

4- How to invest in Metaverse with Cryptocurrency?

Metaverse projects on the blockchain network are powered by fungible tokens - tokens that are divisible and exchangeable.  These tokens are used to purchase digital assets such as Metaverse real estate or costumes for avatars.  They can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.  Some mega cryptocurrencies also allow their holders to vote on decisions in a metastasis platform like where money should be invested or what new features to release first.

Theoretically, as the value of digital assets increases, so does the value of their associated tokens.  Furthermore, some metastatic platforms like Decentraland burn all MANA tokens used to purchase digital assets, removing them permanently from circulation and increasing the value of the remaining tokens.


It is expected that in 2022, the stock market will start to become more bustling after a volatile year of the epidemic.  Specifically, stock prices will alternate between increasing and decreasing sessions but still have a good development trend.  However, which are best stocks to invest in 2022 to optimize profit?


which are best stocks to invest in 2022 to optimize profit?Which are best stocks to invest in 2022 to optimize profit? / ph: pexels 

Here are best stocks to invest in 2022 to optimize profit thanks to their stability over the past year:

- Finance;

- Energy;

- Essential consumer goods;

- Medical, health care;

- Covenient service;

- Industry;

- Real estate.

More specifically, in 2022, industry experts have also analyzed and predicted that the following 3 groups of industries which are best stocks to invest in 2022 based on the current economic recovery.

- Finance - Banking: 

Thanks to positive financial reports, it is expected that this year many investors will continue to pour capital to large and stable commercial banks.  Securities companies that are forecasting a prosperous year are also worth investing in.

- Essential consumer goods: 

Will continue to grow during the ongoing pandemic and its impact on trade, investment, and tourism.

- Real Estate: 

Investors should pay attention to real estate businesses that have great advantages in terms of land fund and financial resources as well as having a clear and transparency growth target in 2022 which is also a good option. Real estate’s stocks must be best stocks to invest in 2022.

Additionally, you can also consider industries that have a sudden increase in profits due to the impact of commodity prices when supply is interrupted such as mining, steel processing, non-ferrous metals, fertilizers, chemicals, oil and gas, cement or transportation, logistics, etc. Furthermore, industries such as seafood, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, energy... also have the opportunity to increase sales and profit growth, making the stock price more attractive which surely are best stocks to invest in 2022. 

Here are a few best stocks to invest in 2022 to optimize profit in short-term with good growth potential.

1- Bank stocks

Thanks to the application of advanced technology, the banking industry has had a remarkable development in recent years. 

2- Health and medical stocks

In the context of the epidemic, the health - medical industry is also considered one of best stocks to invest in 2022 in short-term.

3- Agricultural and clean energy stocks

Based on the development investment policy, this industry is also being focused by many investors, making the stock price even more attractive which make them best stocks to invest in 2022 in short-term.

4- Shipping stocks

The shipping industry is expected to grow stronger this year as the economy is gradually recovering which make them best stocks to invest in 2022.

So through the above information, you already know which are best stocks to invest in 2022 to optimize profit.  However, before making a invest decision, you should also carefully research and analyse the market to be able to limit unwanted risks.


Health and medicine, collectibles market and blockchain are identified as the three sectors that expected to attract the strongest investment capital in 2022.

The year 2022 is forecasted to be a year of great changes with a series of breakthrough technologies and economic restructuring.  So how can investors overcome those challenges and decide to invest their money?


Which Sectors Attract The Most Investment In 2022?Which Sectors Attract The Most Investment In 2022? / ph: pexels 

Here are 3 sectors that analyst Mark S. McNally, head of venture capital firm Nobody Studios (USA), forecasted to be able to attract investments in 2022.

1- Health & Medicine

There are higher demand for convenient and automated healthcare services that respond in a timely manner no matter where they are located.

According to a survey by global management consulting firm McKinsey, the use of remote medical examination service through the use of information technology (telehealth) has grown strongly during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, increased 78 times compared to the previous period, before stabilizing at a 38 times increase.  Mental health problems have also skyrocketed with about 30% of adults experiencing stress symptoms.

Mental health startups have raised $2 billion in funding in 2020 before reaching $3.1 billion respectively in 2021. And this is expected to be a sector which startups  Investors would continue to interest in 2022.

2- Collectibles Market

The outbreak of the pandemic has made the global collectibles market even more exciting.  According to estimates, this market is currently worth about 370 billion USD and is expected to reach 522 billion USD by 2028.

In the past few months alone, a collectible card signed by professional basketball superstar Michael Jordan has sold for a record $2.7 million.

The unused Super Mario Bros game card for the original Nintendo gaming device also sold for $2 million.

Rare Pokemon cards are regularly changed hands for 300,000 USD/time.  All is considered popular culture which is helping investors earn amazing amounts of money with value is increasing exponentially.

3- Blockchain

Blockchain is intervening in revolutionizing business, finance and innovation. This will affect many aspects of daily life and global business whether we realize it or not, and investment opportunities that come from blockchain technology is forecasted to be huge.  Not only related to bitcoin, blockchain is opening to creativity and community.

However, according to the analyst McNally, before investing in blockchain, you should consider the risks and avoid being swept away by the trendy factor or the crowd trend.


Investors are paying millions of dollars for virtual land in metaverse. The price of these plots of land has increased by as much as 500% in the past few months since Facebook announced it would go all-in on virtual reality, even changing its company's name to Meta Platforms.

Investors are paying millions of dollars for Virtual LandInvestors are paying millions of dollars for Virtual Land / ph: Sandbox

In these virtual worlds, people will interact with each other like cartoon characters through avatars which similar to a real-time multiplayer video game.

Today, people can access these worlds through computer screens, but Meta and other companies have set a long-term vision of building 360-degree immersive worlds where people will accessible through virtual reality glasses as Meta's Oculus glasses.

A recent report by digital currency asset manager Grayscale estimated that the digital world could grow into a $1 trillion industry in the near future.

Besides, another feverish metaverse world is Sandbox where Janine Yorio's virtual real estate developer Republic Realm spent a record $4.3 million on a virtual plot of land.


Health and medicine, collectibles market and blockchain are identified as the three sectors that expected to attract the strongest investment capital in 2022.

The year 2022 is forecasted to be a year of great changes with a series of breakthrough technologies and economic restructuring.  So how can investors overcome those challenges and decide to invest their money?


Which Sectors Attract The Most Investment In 2022?Which Sectors Attract The Most Investment In 2022? / ph: pexels 

Here are 3 sectors that analyst Mark S. McNally, head of venture capital firm Nobody Studios (USA), forecasted to be able to attract investments in 2022.

1- Health & Medicine

There are higher demand for convenient and automated healthcare services that respond in a timely manner no matter where they are located.

According to a survey by global management consulting firm McKinsey, the use of remote medical examination service through the use of information technology (telehealth) has grown strongly during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, increased 78 times compared to the previous period, before stabilizing at a 38 times increase.  Mental health problems have also skyrocketed with about 30% of adults experiencing stress symptoms.

Mental health startups have raised $2 billion in funding in 2020 before reaching $3.1 billion respectively in 2021. And this is expected to be a sector which startups  Investors would continue to interest in 2022.

2- Collectibles Market

The outbreak of the pandemic has made the global collectibles market even more exciting.  According to estimates, this market is currently worth about 370 billion USD and is expected to reach 522 billion USD by 2028.

In the past few months alone, a collectible card signed by professional basketball superstar Michael Jordan has sold for a record $2.7 million.

The unused Super Mario Bros game card for the original Nintendo gaming device also sold for $2 million.

Rare Pokemon cards are regularly changed hands for 300,000 USD/time.  All is considered popular culture which is helping investors earn amazing amounts of money with value is increasing exponentially.

3- Blockchain

Blockchain is intervening in revolutionizing business, finance and innovation. This will affect many aspects of daily life and global business whether we realize it or not, and investment opportunities that come from blockchain technology is forecasted to be huge.  Not only related to bitcoin, blockchain is opening to creativity and community.

However, according to the analyst McNally, before investing in blockchain, you should consider the risks and avoid being swept away by the trendy factor or the crowd trend.


Berkshire Hathaway has announced that it has purchased 121 million shares of computer company HP for $4.2 billion which helps them own more than 11% of this company's shares.

Warren Buffett is constantly invest in big dealsWarren Buffett is constantly invest in big deals / ph: HP

This is just one of a series of big deals the famous billionaire Buffett has made over the past month.  In March, his company increased its stake in Occidental Petroleum and announced the purchase of insurance company Alleghany Corporation for $11.6 billion.

Berkshire stock was increased nearly 30% last year while the S&P 500 was up 27%.

This year, Berkshire has even more impressive results. This company’s stock code has increased by 15%.  The S&P 500 fell 6%.

One of the big reasons is Buffett's loyalty to the energy sector.  Stock prices of energy companies soar this year thanks to higher prices of crude oil, gas and coal.

In addition to its 15% stake in Occidental Petroleum, Berkshire also holds a stake in Chevron.  Occidental stock was increased 96% in the first quarter while Chevron was up nearly 40%.

Berkshire also has subsidiaries in the energy sector which are operating many oil and gas pipelines, power plants, and more.


Over the past decade, handbags have regularly entered the top five in the annual luxury investments rankings by Knight Frank. However in 2020, such sought-after luxury handbags have topped the list of 10 popular luxury investments with 17% year-over-year growth.

luxury branded bags: A investment asset with profitability up to 17%

luxury branded bags: A investment asset with profitability up to 17% / ph: pexels 

The average price of luxury bags has changed this year, in the second quarter it was recorded a 4% increase compared to the same period last year, and is predicted to continue to increase over the next 10 years. Market watchers think that this will change consumer behavior.

According to the luxury goods experts, there are a few common factors that affect the price of collectibles, whether they are vintage cars, luxury watches or luxury handbags, are firstly the exclusivity and secondly the product state. However, “cultural capital” is also extremely important.  Before the pandemic, there were also waves of influences as pop culture;  K-pop in particular has certainly played an important part in driving the demand and resale prices of some models among K-pop artists and celebrities.

The remaining influencing factor is social networking platforms like TikTok, a hugely popular platform during the peak of pandemic, is definitely one of the factors driving demand for some styles.

Collectible handbags can start at affordable prices.  But in the high-end market, price isn't the only barrier to starting a collection.

One option for those unable to buy in person is to look in the resale market.  Even though the price has been increased, those who research well can still make a profit. Collectors say the key is to choose classic designs.

The resale price is also affected by the condition of the bag.  Factors include intact condition, original packaging and even original receipt.

One final factor to consider is that not all designer handbags will increase in price.  Only some handbags have the potential to increase in price, however these bags are not always easy to buy.


Above 60% of Asian property investors plan to buy real estate in 2022 in which Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore are the top three investment destinations - According to the latest survey results from real estate consulting firm CBRE.

What are top investment destinations in Asia in 2022?

What are top investment destinations in Asia in 2022? / ph: pexels 

The survey also found that over 60% of respondents plan to make more acquisitions in 2022 than in 2021, with the most mentioned markets being Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Office rents in the city are forecast to be stable this year despite a lot of new supply, mainly driven by stable rental demand from finance, life sciences and technology companies.  Singapore continues to be the main destination for investors from Japan, Taiwan and some other countries, thereby helping the office market come back stronger.  The city has seen a flurry of acquisitions by international fund managers as they anticipate steady rent growth, limited new supply and rental demand boosted by tech companies.  

Hong Kong is back in the top 10, with international capital attracted by opportunities from the hospitality and industrial sectors. Besides, Sydney also saw a return of interest due to improved office fundamentals, with lower offers are set to promote rental price growth. Additionally, the logistics market here has begun to receive attention in the past few months as the e-commerce market develops more.



Jews seem to have an innate sensitivity to money.  Jews make up half of the world's richest entrepreneurs, one-third of the millionaires in the United States.  Oil king Rockefeller, one of history's most successful financiers - George Soros, Wall Street legend founder - J.P Morgan. The people standing at the top of this pyramid are all outstanding representatives of the Jewish nation.

The below 7 mindsets are the reason why Jews around the world achieve such extraordinary success that the whole world admires.


1. Use the mind to make money

To make money, Jewish entrepreneurs appreciate ingenuity and use their brains to make money, only those who know how to make money are really smart.  So we need to use our brain to think, analyze, pay attention to emotional needs, maintain consumers’ value, make business easier.

2. 78:22 rule 

The 78:22 rule is a law of nature, 22% of industries as clothing, food, construction, jewelry, medicine, etc. basically account for about 78% of daily consumption.  Most of the traditional business of Jewish merchants was concentrated in these industries, especially in women's and children's goods.

Do you know Secrets of Jewish Wealth & Financial Prosperity?
Do you know Secrets of Jewish Wealth & Financial Prosperity? / ph: pexels 

The 78:22 rule is also common in the market that 22% of customers generate 78% of a company's profits and 22% of products are the core products of the company. Therefore, business activities need to be based on customer value, capture key products and key customers, to improve the efficiency of marketing efforts.

3. Reasonable spending

The Jews value frugality, but they do not hold money blindly.  They spend reasonably, not waste money and not save excessively.

If there is an opportunity to make money, Jews will not hesitate to try to invest.  So, if you want to get high returns, you must be willing to invest strongly to accumulate assets which will give you opportunity to develop your career.

4. Value time like gold

To the Jews, time is life and time is money.  Jews seize business opportunities on every minute and every second.

Therefore, in the competition in the market, you need to be one step ahead, always proactive and have a plan to respond to changes.

5. Rely on information to seize opportunities

In the business world, information is most important.  Jews take very seriously of information gathering in business competition which has made them famous as knowledgeable people, once there is an opportunity to make money, they will never let it slip away.  Therefore, we should seek information from many different sources and get accurate information to act quickly and seize opportunities.

6. Flexibility in coordinating all fields

According to the Jewish economist William Rison, the world has all the resources you need, all you have to do is collect them and use your wisdom to combine them properly.

7. Know how to avoid risks

Jews place great emphasis on risk management.  In the process of running the business, they pay special attention to safety and reliability.  Therefore, before investing, Jews will conduct market investigation, research and analysis.  And when they have decided to invest in business, they will definitely make 3 sets of short-term, medium-term and long-term plans rather than "putting eggs in one basket".


If you are wondering “How to invest profitably” then here are the answer from industry experts to help you build profitable investments in the future.


1- Determine investment risk

Each form of investment has its risks, good profitability always comes with high risks.  You need to determine the level of risk before choosing the form of investment that is most suitable for you.

How To Invest Profitably? How To Invest Profitably? / ph: pexels 

If you are a cautious person who is afraid to take high risks, the stock market is not a good choice for you.  Instead, you can consider safe investment channels as buying bonds, buying gold, saving...

2. Choose the right time to make investment

Experts insist that you have to buy at the right time.  This requires a certain sensitivity to the economic situation and updating news timely.

3. Diverse investment channels

All investor knows the saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."  Putting all money you have to invest in a single form can cause you to lose everything.  Therefore, in order to reduce investment risks as well as create more profitable opportunities, diversifying investment channels is necessary.

If you don’t have enough savvy about finance and investment as well as the ability to manage investment portfolio your ability is still limited, you need to seek the support of finance and investment advisors.


Investing in resort real estate is not as simple as investing in a regular real estate project, but it also requires analyzing and choosing between many factors for investment.

5 Keys for A Profitable Resort Real Estate Investment
5 Keys for A Profitable Resort Real Estate Investment / ph: pexels 

Although resort real estate investment is a trend, this is a difficult market to invest.  It is because of the selection based on many factors that need to be paid attention to as location, attraction, uniqueness, scarcity,... which contribute to an investment successful.  The following basic steps will help you have a profitable investment when deciding to invest in this resort real estate investment market.

1- Location 

This is the first thing you need to consider before investing in real estate in general and resort real estate in particular.  The location of the resort real estate will determine the business performance and the profit of the property.  You should choose resort real estates in central locations, or near beautiful beaches, near famous tourist sites where there are many tourists.  Distance to the airport, highway, cruise ship that does not exceed 3 hours will have opportunity to achieve the highest economic efficiency of the property.

2- Scarcity 

Surveying the scarcity, the property’s unique or different features from the market before deciding to buy will help investors increase the value of real estate later.

3- Reliable project real estate developers / project investors 

Resort real estate is a rather specific property type and not many real estate developers / project investors have experience and strongly develop this property model.  Choosing real estate developers / project investors with enough reputation and economic potential is very important because the real estate developers / project investors will be the unit that accompanies you throughout the investment process.  Besides, resort real estate requires abundant and long-term investment capital which means that the quality of construction, landscape, design... is also guaranteed.

4- Reputable real estate brokers 

Finding information and advice from reputable real estate brokers and firms to buy and sell. Selecting a professional, knowledgeable, reputable and experienced real estate broker or firm will help investors shorten time and effort during project research.  Additionally, they can also give useful advices and be a bridge with potential resort real estate projects.

5- Estimate payback period and cash flow balance

- Payback period: 

For resort real estate, the ideal profit rate is about 10-16%/year and the payback period is from 6-10 years depending on the cycle.  Resort real estate can also increase in value by 30% compared to the first time after the 5-year cycle.

- Cash flow balance:

To be profitable, the interest rate of investment loans must not exceed 11%/year for the 10-year loan period.  Therefore, resort real estate investors need to plan carefully to balance cash flow to get payback as quickly as possible.


Many people complain that the capital is low, so they do not know where to invest.  However, they forget an urgent thing that, themselves is the place to invest the most.  And no matter how much or little money, you also have countless ways to "upgrade" yourself in all aspects of Personal Growth and Development.

The world\'s only reliable investment is not in projects that appear to yield quick returns, but rather an investment of time and energy in yourself.  No matter how the outside world changes, investing in yourself for Personal Growth and Development will never leave you behind and continue to increase in value.

 Many decisions that are made today are mainly from the need to make money.  However, more and more people are starting to realize the value of investing in Personal Growth and Development.  Investing in yourself means that you are prepared to take any new risks, solve any obstacles, and identify opportunities that may not appear to be present.

 Personal Growth and Development is the key to finding all the opportunities you are passing.  Over obstacles that hinder you on your way to great success.

 Life experience has taught the value of investing in Personal Growth and Development and they will show us why investing in yourself is such a bargain in today\'s society!

1-  Investing in yourself helps you develop your career and take control of your life

Investing in yourself means that you are prepared to take any new risks, solve any obstacles, and identify opportunities that may not appear to be present.

Where should we invest with a small capital?

Investing in yourself helps you build great network / ph: pexels


 Self-Personal Growth and Development can help you achieve career success as well as increase your ability to control life.

You can begin the journey of Personal Growth and Development while running your business.

When starting to focus on building your Personal Growth and Development, you will be able to identify areas in your strategy that you may have overlooked. All the skills you acquired over time are timeless; you will not lose them or they will no longer be useful in whatever areas you pursue.

2- Investing in yourself helps you build great network

Investing in yourself is extremely important and you also need to learn how to share this knowledge with others so you can learn from them too.  It is a symbiotic relationship, mutually beneficial.

 The more you learn, the more confident you will become and the more you have to share.  It\'s a lot easier to connect and grow your business.

 In essence, network business is mainly based on building and maintaining relationships around them.  Investing time in your own Personal Growth and Development, either personally or professionally, will help you fit into multiple circles, expanding relationships with people who share a common sense of growth.

 It\'s about learning from each other. Investing in yourself is important and you also need to learn how to share this knowledge with others so that you can learn from them too.  It is a symbiotic relationship, mutually beneficial.

3- Third, investing in yourself helps you become financially independent

In the end, money is an important part of life that no one can deny.

 The best part about investing in yourself is that it doesn\'t take away your ability to have multiple streams of income. 

The skills and experience you gain as a result of focusing on self-Personal Growth and Development will definitely help you be in control of everything in your life, including your finances.


The reason the rich don't deposit money in banks or invest in homes: These two methods are so outdated! Below are 2 latest investment trends.

According to experts, in the next 10 years, houses and cash will depreciate, instead of the "throne" of these two factors.

 Currently, most people have two ways to accumulate wealth.  The first is to keep it in the bank, mainly in cash;  the second is to choose to buy a house and invest, so that the family\'s assets are preserved, or even profitable... For this type of method, the second method is definitely the most chosen, which is to buy house and invest to preserve value, then have a small amount of cash available to prepare for emergencies.


2 latest investment trends

2 latest investment trends / ph: pexels

Currently, this approach is much more outdated than it used to be.

Storing cash is like "throwing money out the window"
First of all, cash is now inevitable the reality of less and less value.

Why does cash depreciate?  The explanation for this question can be encapsulated in one sentence: "When the money supply is too much, money will increasingly depreciate".  Many people may not understand why this is so.  For a better understanding, a specific case can be taken as follows.  For example, the total amount is only $1,000 while there are 1,000 items left, the price of these 1,000 items is $1 each.  But if the total amount is now $2,000 and the goods are still 1,000, when you want to buy goods, you have to pay $2.

Compared with the past, this fact can be clearly seen.  We make more money, but at the same time, the prices also go up, so even with a lot of money, life is not necessarily better.

 It can be said that for cash, devaluation is a very normal thing.  So keeping all the cash on hand is an unwise choice, keeping cash means waiting for your assets to slowly depreciate.

As for investing by buying a house, it was certainly a very good direction in the past, but now, the real estate market has had great fluctuations.  Because in the past housing prices increased very quickly, after investing and buying a house, after two years of waiting for the price to increase, you can make a profit from it.

 But right now, house prices are already very high, which can be seen from the house price-to-income ratio.  The so-called house price-to-income ratio is the ratio of a family\'s total housing price to that household\'s disposable income.  Currently, especially in urban areas, apartments are very expensive, not to mention to house.  According to calculations, many families even take more than 20 years to have enough money to buy a house, provided that no further expenditures are made.

 Therefore, currently, investing in a house is not advisable, the risk of investing in buying a house is much greater than before, and the profit earned is also reduced compared to before.  A bank president also frankly said: "House and cash will depreciate in 10 years, and you will feel safe holding two things in your hand." And here they are.

 Two things you should hold firmly in hand.

1. Advanced technology

In today\'s trend, in order not to be left behind, we must keep up with the development of technology.  This is the first choice, because technology can be applied in all aspects of life.  Many people have different levels of education, but that shouldn\'t affect their access to new things.

 Today there are many ways to make money with technology.  If you are proficient in a certain field, you can completely enjoy life without working anytime, anywhere, at least without having to worry about your job and precarious income as before.

2. Wise financial thinking

 Currently, financial management is not only used to buy a house.  In society, there are many methods of financial management, but most people only know about buying a house for investing.  Because in the past, investing in buying a house was relatively simple, the profit rate was very high.  But for now, if you want to invest, you can try with stocks, funds, and other investment methods.

 But it is not necessary to invest all the money in a specific area, you can reasonably divide how much money you keep in your hand, how much money you invest in financial management... In this way, when you  need money urgently, you may have enough cash on hand.  Many people will say this type of financial management option is risky, but buying a home is also risky.  When choosing an investment, it is best to choose safely and not get too caught up in seeking short-term profits, otherwise it will be very easy to lose money.


According to financial experts, starting learning how to investing and saving as soon as possible. The longer the investment period, the greater the profit achieve.

Saving money to invest also means you have to tighten your spending and lose some money that can be used now.  Additionally, the risk of loss is also an issue that many people are afraid of.

However, if you want to work towards long-term financial stability and freedom, the best way is to start a money management and investment plan now.  Here are some reasons why you should be financially conscious as soon as possible.

1- Investing awareness helps you create positive financial habits

How you spend your money in the early years of generating income is very important, as they will become hard-to-break habits over time and affect your lifestyle throughout your life.

The longer the investment period, the greater the profit achieveThe longer the investment period, the greater the profit achieve / ph: pexels 

Without a specific goal and plan to save money, you will easily form the habit of uncontrolled spending.  Nowadays, it is not difficult to find young people who are willing to spend all their monthly salary on short-term pleasures such as shopping, travelling, dining, beauty, etc. Even many people regularly take out credit loans to be able to afford such pleasures.  On the contrary, if you have now identified the importance of investing, you will learn to control yourself against momentary material desires, be motivated to pursue a more frugal lifestyle and practice patience and prudence in money matters.

2- Starting early helps you accumulate a lot of experience

Financial investing is not an area you can master just by intelligence and book knowledge.  The accumulated experience, both success and failure, is the most valuable asset of any investor.

If you wait until the age of 30 to start thinking about investing for the future, then you are still just a blank sheet of paper.  But if you start soon, by the time you\'re 30 you\'ll be a connoisseur investor with years of experience.  You will be able to assess what are good investment opportunities, and how to avoid potential risks.

3- You are better able to take risks when you are younger

Any investment opportunity comes with a certain degree of risk, and a person\'s age is closely related to financial risk tolerance.  Unlike the elders, the younger generation has more time and opportunity to correct them if they make a mistake.

No investment is too small, so don\'t hesitate to start even if your income is not high.  In fact, starting with a small amount of capital is a wise choice, because even in the event of a loss, the risk you have to bear is not too great.

4- The magical power of "Compound Interest"

Albert Einstein once said: "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Those who understand it will get rich from it, those who don\'t will pay for it."

Financial investment is like rolling a snowball, the longer the investment period, the faster the profit you get from it will increase.  So get started as soon as possible.

5- You can retire earlier and enjoy life

Legendary investor Warren Buffett famously said : “If you don\'t find a way to make money while you sleep, you\'ll have to work until you die."  A life of struggling to make a living even in old age must be something no one wants, which is why it is important to learn how to use money wisely from a young age.

The normal retirement age of a person in society is 55-60 years old, however, if you have financial and investment management consciousness early, you can completely achieve a solid enough financial foundation to retire early and spend time doing what you love.


For investing money to make money at a young age, you should understand secret laws of money.

Here are 11 golden rules of investing money that are drawn by Antonio Centeno from his own failed experiences. 

11 Golden Rules Of Investing Money 11 Golden Rules Of Investing Money / ph: pexels 

1- Invest in yourself

The best investment you make is investing money on your personal development - Your mind, your health, your knowledge and your experience.

2- Never rush to invest

Investing involves risk.  That's why it's important that you weigh the benefits and learn how to evaluate the ROI of any investment you make.  If you don't know how to do it, don't be afraid to spend your money in investment courses.

3- Money is simply a tool

Money is like a double-edged sword.  If you make a lot of money and use it responsibly, it can be of great help to your community.  But it can also tempt you to cross moral and ethical boundaries from greed.  So be careful.

4- Non-stop learning 

Earning, spending, saving which all starts with having enough knowledge about money and finance.  Learning is essential no matter what age or position you are in.

The same goes for learning how to build your wealth from rich people. 

5- Hire a mentor

People rarely reach the top of anything without the help of others.  You need solid advice - and you'll need to pay for it.  Don't expect others to offer their expertise for free.

6- Specific goals 

Setting specific goals and clear destinations will make it easier for you to chart a good path so you don't stumble along the way.

7- Do what you love, and love what you do

Whatever you love to do, it should be a combination of something you're good at and something you're willing to work hard for.  Passion is a must because you cannot expect immediate results.  You need that motivation to work hard every day and be consistent.  Success - and money - comes later.

8- Diversify income sources 

You should diversify your sources of income. Because nothing is guaranteed to last forever.  It's always safer to buy properties, create or build assets, and earn passive income through other sources 

9- Time is more valuable than money

Time is a priceless asset.  As long as there's time, it's never too late to set yourself money goals and achieve them.  So, manage your time effectively.

10- Learn carefully to be confident with your investment decision

No one can be 100% sure of their investments.  However, invest only when you know calculated risks.  Firstly develop enough your emergency funds.  Take the time to research the market, gain knowledge from experts, and then you will feel more confident about your investments.

11- Abundance mindset

In fact, you can create any amount of wealth.  Whatever value you aim for is doable.  So get rid of the scarcity mindset, don't think for a moment that self-produced wealth is finite.  If you do, you are destroying yourself immediately with a predefined limitation. Scarcity is a mistake in thinking.


Buying a house is an important milestone and possibly the most valuable transaction you'll ever make, so it's important to be mindful of the mistakes you can make when buying a property to avoid and reduce your risk.

1- Financial Scams

It is unfortunate that real estate is often one of the targets of fraudsters because this field often sees large value transactions.

Email content, messages on social networking platforms, conversations, etc. can completely be targeted by crooks through which information about you can be found and might be used by bad guys to cheat.

3 Real Estate Transactions Risks
Know the value of the property and people who you will work with / ph: pexels 

Therefore, the best way to minimize the risk of information disclosure is nothing but increasing security, keeping important content thoroughly.  If possible, you should set two-layer security for social networking accounts, do not share bank OTP codes with others, do not send messages or emails containing important information, documents, etc.

2- Know the value of the property and people who you will work with

When dealing with big money amount, you should know how much you have to pay and to whom.  Not only will this reduce your chances of being scammed, but it can also help you avoid overpaying for services as shipping or a property appraisal fees.

3- Make sure you know what you're getting into

Before putting down money, it's important to have the house inspected to make sure everything is safe and running smoothly.  Even as a buyer, you have to do this over and over again.

In addition, legal issues are always an indispensable factor in any real estate transaction.  Check to see if the property is in dispute or in an area with upcoming projects.  You certainly don't want to get entangled in legal proceedings in the future.

Finally, check for environmental risks, such as whether the property is in a disaster-prone area, and in the event that it happens, how to handle insurance.

Since buying and selling real estate involves large value transactions, any buyer should be careful.  Sometimes careless can cause serious consequences.  The more knowledge related to real estate, the greater the opportunity to help buyers reduce risk.

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