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Role of Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis

Below are advices about ways of communication a CEO needs to perform in times of crisis to demonstrate strong spiritual leadership.

When faced with fear, whether it\'s personal or existential, the natural tendency is for any of us to feel numb.  But standing still is also a move, and it is often an unwise move.

 If knowledge is power, then people need to be fortified with information.  It is normally compared the role of a leader with that of a shepherd: in the lead, when walking next to, and often backing away.  However, in these days, the leader must be in the strong spiritual leadership position.

 Information sharing is very important, but only accounts for less than half of the things to do.  Of course, everyone needs to know about strategy, speed, direction and outcome.  But it is not possible to stop there.

 Language is the art of expressing ideas, but the person who conveys the message is the message.  The saying "action weighs more than words" holds true for everyone, and even more so for leaders.  It is not just what you say, but how you say it to show your strong spiritual leadership.

 Whether in word or in any other form, communication - humble, passionate, confident - makes more of an impact than words themselves.

 Communication demonstrates strong spiritual leadership.  This process is informative, convincing, instructive, guaranteed, and inspirational.  And this is how it is presented.

Role of spiritual leadership in times of crisis

Communication demonstrates strong spiritual leadership. / ph: pexels

1. Listen to the truth

 If leaders want to hear the truth, they must be willing to accept it.  However, that won\'t happen unless people feel safe saying what they really think without fear of punishment rather than just saying what they think the leader wants to hear.  Leaders need to build a culture of observant people, where information is not just passed down, but must be spread that demonstrates strong spiritual leadership

 Observing should be seen as a group activity and people across the organization are empowered to speak up and share their views on what they see.  Perspectives will be different, but that only enriches the discussions.  And, when perspectives are shared, everyone will have a chance to learn.

2. Give information continuously 

 Communication to demonstrate strong spiritual leadership is not just conveying information.  Information needs to flow in both directions and in all situations.  It matters when all goes well and becomes alive before the test.

3. Increase guarantee, decrease orders

 Communication is connecting and connecting people with each other in a company which has an important role to demonstrate strong spiritual leadership.

The message must be sent out on a regular basis and consistent with honesty.  That means words need more assurance than command, and speakers need to care about tone and content.  The messages are confident and full of enthusiasm arousing spirits.  Although the information is very important, if the message lacks authenticity, it will be difficult for the listener to follow.

4. People need to hear the truth

 In the up market, people turn to the leader for authenticity.  In a bear market, they look to the leader for reassurance.  When faced with a challenge, people want to know the truth rather than living in the worst-case scenarios imaginable.  Leaders who don\'t know how to communicate to demonstrate strong spiritual leadership will become the topic of discussion for others, in a bad way.

5. Be careful with gaps

 If not addressed, the lack of information can lead to dangerous uncertainty.  People will spend time speculating when there is an information gap that needs to be filled.  Uncertainty will seed guesswork, escalate fear, and cause chaos.  No matter how serious the news is, people love certainty.  To predict tomorrow, one must accurately perceive today\'s reality.  Then you can imagine for tomorrow.

6. Shortcuts are not allowed

 Communication to demonstrate strong spiritual leadership takes a lot of time.  Therefore, we will have a desire to take a shortcut in the way that everyone already knows certain information or that someone else will pass it on on our behalf.  Take the time to understand the message and who delivered it.  Show others that they are important.

Role of spiritual leadership in times of crisis is important. Remember, for a leader in difficult times, it is more than simply communicating a message.  The leader is the message.

Role of Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis

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