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Top 3 Wealthy Mindsets to Get Rich

Hard work is not the only way to make money.  Even this is not the most effective way to get rich.  Making money is practically a trainable ability.  To master this ability, you need to master the following 3 wealthy mindsets.

Only accounting 0.25% of the world's population, but this ethnic group accounts for 22% of the world's Nobel Prizes, 108 times higher than the global average.  Every year at least 50% of the 100 richest people on the Forbes list are of Jewish ethnicity.

However, in the 2017 survey, the IQ of Jews did not differ significantly from that of other ethnicities.  So what made them rich?

In the book “Talmud - The Essence ofJewish Wisdom”, it is pointed out that the Jews actually became rich thanks to these 3 wealthy mindsets Instead of working hard to make money, you need to first turn yourself into someone who can make money.  With below 3 wealthy mindsets, you will step by step closer to wealth with a better and better life.

1- You can't always use the key to unlock

According to the Jews there is no problem that cannot be solved. 

As long as you get out of the way of inherent thinking, jump out of your comfort zone and see the problem from a new angle, you can always find a solution.  If you can think of ways that other people can't, you can make money that other people can't.

Top 3 Wealthy Mindsets to Get Rich

So how can you do it differently?  Firstly, you need to think differently.  For example, your leader gives you a task that everyone finds difficult.  So don't think that this is a impossible mission.  Instead, you need to think that how can I make this happen?  From here, you will find the solution.

When the founder of the Blackstone foundation, Stephen Schwarzman, a Jew, first started at Lehman, he used this idea to quickly raise capital in his first business period.

Only by following this unique wealthy mindset mindset can you avoid the fierce market competition and get the greatest growth opportunities in your business field.

2- When in trouble, let’s slow down

For the Jews, the way to deal with that difficulty was patience.  In the process of patience, you can spend time fully analyzing the pros and cons to consider countermeasures, accumulate strength and assets to wait for the time to shine.

For example, if you meet a leader who likes to berate his employees unreasonably.  If he reprimands you once, you argue back once, you will most likely be fired in a short time.

Top 3 Wealthy Mindsets to Get Rich

Instead, you should not waste your time and energy arguing with him, but silently learn and improve, sooner or later you will surpass his level.  Who knows, in the future, you will become his leader again.

Even if there is no chance to become a leader, you can still change jobs with a good capabilities accumulated day by day.  Either way, the result won't be so bad.  This is an effective way to turn the situation around.

3- Not only make good products, you need to know how to promote your products

According to the Jewish business experience, not only do you make good products, you also need to know how to promote your products to make money.

If you observe the Jewish way of doing business, you will see that they will never get rich by price discounting or using business strategy "small profit but high turnover".

In the eyes of the Jewish people, blindly lowering prices is not only unfair to customers who bought the original price, but it also reduces the value of the goods in the hearts of customers.  So to make money, you not only have to invest in making a good product, but you also have to learn how to promote and operate.

For example, when it comes to diamonds, many people will immediately think of a precious stone that lasts with time and has an expensive price.  And it becomes a valuable object that everyone desires to own.  In fact, the expensive price of diamonds was valued by the Jews.

So next time, whether you want products or apply to companies, you should put more effort into promoting.  Let more people understand your worth, recognize you and be willing to pay a high salary to offer you to work.

Like applying for a higher position, even though you usually do a good job.  But without a focused and logical speech, it is very difficult to win the favor of the leadership.

Everyone wants to be successful and earn more money.  But working hard isn't the only way to make money, and it's not even the most efficient way.  Only with the right wealthy mindsets can you take effective steps to get rich, to reap wealth commensurate with your efforts.

Top 3 Wealthy Mindsets to Get Rich

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